What’s Next

I’ve spent most of my time since returning to Los Angeles readjusting to normal life and resuming the job hunt that I’d left behind. I wasn’t quite ready to begin the monumental task of working through nearly 3,000 photos and videos to find the keepers and develop them, but I’ve finally begun. In many cases I’ll be doubling back on the photos I’ve already uploaded to this blog now that I have access to my full tool set and the time to work; so you can expect to see revisions when I start sharing.

I’ve given some thought to how everything should be presented. I have a photography website and accompanying Facebook fan page that existed before I started preparing for the Camino, and then there’s this blog and its fan page. The photography site will definitely host a lot of the photos, perhaps all of them, and its fan page would host some too. The Faces of the Camino blog and fan page will probably focus more specifically on the people I met and their pictures.

Going forward I’m going to present more portraits here, along with a few paragraphs describing a memorable moment with the person pictured, or with some thoughts from them about their experiences now that the Camino is a memory. There’s also a lot of video footage to go through, and if the quality is good I’ll compile it all together.

Walking from France to the western coast of Spain took 33 days. I suspect this will take a while too!

So, more to come. In the mean time, don’t stop walking.



3 thoughts on “What’s Next

    • Thank you, Nadine. I’ve been reading about your preparation and enjoying the photos on your blog too — that one in the forest by the water is especially spectacular!

      I hope you’re beginning to feel less stressed. Life on the Camino is simple, even with the physical challenges. In some ways the preparation is more stressful than walking, because of the desire to be ready for anything. Once you’re there you’ll be free. Tired, sore, and perhaps blistered, but free. You won’t necessarily have a remedy for every possibility in your pack, but I think you’ll find that doesn’t matter so much.

      I’m really looking forward to seeing it all through your eyes.

      Buen Camino. 🙂

      • Thank for this comment Daniel, it was so helpful to read this and hear these words (especially that the preparation can be more stressful than walking, and that once there, you’re free). I think it was just what I needed to hear! Thanks for reading and following along… after months of preparation and planning, I just can’t wait to get started. Soon!!

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